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EnglishFM Gerapetritis proposes immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

FM Gerapetritis proposes immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

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Foreign Affairs Minister George Gerapetritis on Monday proposed an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, which would allow the wounded to be treated and, where necessary, their transport to hospitals outside of Gaza, according to Greek diplomatic sources.

The Greek minister was speaking during his participation in the Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels.

Additionally, Gerapetritis also proposed the need for initiatives to restore basic networks and secure essential goods.

He also stressed that the same principles must be applied in all cases of aggression, violation of sovereignty and terrorism.

Gerapetritis underlined the need to create sustainable humanitarian corridors, so that there is a continuous flow of aid. He also noted the importance of setting up desalination plants for the mass production of drinking water.

It is understandable that the humanitarian ceasefire is not enough, he said, but that it is necessary and realistic at this stage, even if it only happens in a small scale, he added.

This could generate a momentum for ending the hostilities, he pointed out.


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