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EnglishFM Gerapetritis in SEECP, Skopje: Respect for international law and good neighborly...

FM Gerapetritis in SEECP, Skopje: Respect for international law and good neighborly relations essential for EU membership

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The Southeastern Europe Cooperation Process (SEECP) Summit convened in Skopje on Thursday, marking the conclusion of North Macedonia’s presidency. Representatives from the 13 SEECP member countries, also known as the Inter-Balkan Cooperation, participated in the meeting. Greece was represented by Foreign Minister George Gerapetritis.
Gerapetritis emphsasized during his address at the SEECP Summit that continuous dialogue, abstention from divisive rhetoric and unilateral actions and the implementation of international agreements are of utmost importance for finding a sustainable path forward and ensuring stability, security and prosperity in our region.

Gerapetritis reaffirmed Greece’s consistent support for the enlargement process in the Western Balkans since the Thessaloniki Declaration in 2003. Also noted that EU membership has always been-and continues to be-the cornerstone of our policy towards all our neighbors, both northern and eastern.

In this context, Athens “strongly encourages” and “welcomes” the renewed and intensified EU commitment to the European perspective of the Western Balkans, noted Gerapetritis. Also highlighted the establishment of the Reform and Development Facility for the Western Balkans, the financial tool for implementing the New Growth Plan and further integrating the region into the EU.

In a statement to ERT, Gerapetritis emphasized Greece’s support for the European path for all Balkan countries, contingent upon their fulfillment of obligations and adherence to agreements.

“I attended the Inter-Balkan Summit in Skopje, conveying a message of peace, solidarity, and friendship to all countries in Southeastern Europe. Greece was among the leading advocates for establishing Inter-Balkan Cooperation and was instrumental in advancing the vision of a Europe encompassing all Western Balkan countries with the Thessaloniki Agenda in 2003,” said Gerapetritis.

“It is crucial to ensure the European path for all Balkan countries and the wider region during a period of significant challenges, with two wars unfolding in our broader neighborhood,” he stressed.

“Progress must be based on specific conditions, including respect for democracy, adherence to the rule of law, strict compliance with all international treaties, and unwavering agreement with all obligations related to the European Union and international law, as well as respect for minority rights,” Gerapetritis emphasized during the conference.

“The path towards Europe must continue, and Greece will stand by these countries with respect for democracy and the rule of law, hoping Europe will become the broader family of all states.”

Gerapetritis’ visit to Skopje and his involvement in the SEECP Summit received extensive coverage from local and international media.

FM Gerapetritis meets Turkish counterpart on sidelines of SEECP Summit

FM Gerapetritis held a meeting with Turkish FM Hakan Fidan in Skopje on the sidelines of the Southeastern Europe Cooperation Process (SEECP) Summit.

During their 20-minute meeting, discussions focused on bilateral cooperation on migration. They also conducted an initial assessment of the bilateral agreement for issuing tourist visas to ten Greek islands in the Aegean with the results being described as encouraging.

They also discussed the situation in the Middle East, specifically the progress of negotiations based on the US proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza.

The situation in Ukraine was also addressed in light of the upcoming peace conference being held on Saturday and Sunday in Switzerland.

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