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EnglishEvros border fence essential, but new Dublin Regulation urgent, says Androulakis

Evros border fence essential, but new Dublin Regulation urgent, says Androulakis

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PASOK-Movement For Change leader Nikos Androulakis on Friday charged the Greek prime minister of obscuring certain facts relating to the Evros border fence, speaking at Star Forum 2023 conference.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis “is only telling half the truth,” he said, “as construction of the fence was actually started by Pasok.”

Furthermore, Androulakis noted that Mitsotakis’ fellow European People’s Party (EPP) politicians “congratulate him on the fence, but have vetoed to the revision of the Dublin Regulation” that could have relieved Greece, Italy and Spain as EU entry countries responsible for examining asylum applications.

In his four years as Greece’s premier, Mitsotakis never mentioned this to his EPP team or to the European Council, Androulakis pointed out, as the “European Right would never have allowed this discussion,” he added.

Androulakis did clarify that his party stands in favor of the border fence and the effective protection of borders overall.

Pasok’s strategic growth plan, as he called it, centers on three key aspects:

– Funneling 8-10% of Recovery Fund resources to the National Health System for strong primary health

– Making available 150,000 homes for young couples and students with social criteria

– Financing of small and medium enterprises from Recovery Fund resources

On potential post-elections collaboration with other parties to form a coalition government should any single party fail to form a standalone government, the Pasok leader said that “we ask for a strong percentage from voters so that we can then negotiate from a position that can guarantee what we promise during our electoral campaign.”

“Coalition governments based on clear policies, respecting institutions, with highly reliable personalities, can create a  framework of security and perspective for Greek people,” Androulakis asserted.

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