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EnglishDeputy FM: Positive Agenda meetings in Ankara 'opened path to closer Greek-Turkish...

Deputy FM: Positive Agenda meetings in Ankara ‘opened path to closer Greek-Turkish collaboration’

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Greece and Türkiye achieved progress in nearly all sectors related to the 4th Meeting of the Positive Agenda in Ankara on March 22, Greek Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Kostas Fragogiannis said in an interview published Tuesday.

Speaking to ‘Kathimerini’ daily, Fragogiannis – who met in Ankara with his Turkish counterpart Burak Akçapar – said that the technical meeting also expanded the communication channel in key mutual interest sectors and opened a path to closer collaboration between Greece and Türkiye for more targeted actions.

One of these actions he said was collaboration between the business communities of both countries for trade and investments in Greece, Türkiye, and third countries. For example, the minister said, negotiations are complete for the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Enterprise Greece and the corresponding agency, Türkiye Investment Office, and well as for an MoU between the Greek General Secretariat for Industry and Türkiye’s KOSGEB. These MoUs will be signed at the next Greek-Turkish high-level meeting.

Several economic committees as well have completed their work, Fragogiannis said, mentioning those of Tourism, Trade & Economic Collaboration, Information & Communications Technologies, and Transport.

The 5th round of meetings, to be held in Athens, will include new sectors of interest, such as those of agricultural development, energy, environmental protection, social welfare, and insurance. “There is also space for collaboration in judicial assistance, as seen by the recent release of a jailed Greek, father of engine driver, which was a catalyst in developing relations between the two related ministries,” Fragogiannis said. He was referring to Türkiye’s goodwill gesture to release a Greek citizen jailed in Türkiye so he could attend the funeral of his son, killed in the Tempi train collision. The man was released into Greek custody after a formal Greek request.
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