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EnglishDEFEA 2023 - Μilestone for the defence industry

DEFEA 2023 – Μilestone for the defence industry

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DEFEA – Defence Exhibition Athens 2023 welcomed visitors, exhibitors and delegations from 91 countries, positioning Greece at the forefront of international interest in the fields of Defence, Security, and the Defence Industry.

At DEFEA 2023, 55 international delegations were present, headed by Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Defence, Chiefs of Armed Forces and General Staffs, Directors of Defence Services, and esteemed executives from prominent global defence industries.

Top-level international contacts took place, along with almost 300 B2B meetings with participants from over 20 countries. It must be noted that in the context of DEFEA 2023, very important industrial cooperation agreements were signed for the international market.

DEFEA 2023 created significant opportunities for the development of the defence industry, and strengthening the country’s defence and diplomatic footprint. It laid the foundations for an even larger and more successful event in 2025.

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May 036 2023

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